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[size=2][font=arial, sans-serif]Follicure three dimensional turns into your hair so you can see here my hair isn't just not one flat color there are strands where it's like their words are constrains there are more golden strands more ashy strands so now what falls does so it gives you almost like an ombre kind of effect which I really like and also a plus about rules is that your real growth comes out it's not going to be as harsh especially with Asian here because I'm actually black on my hair you can see Follicure recurve so strongly and it's so obvious so if I gone to use foils you're softening that we grow so it doesn't look as harsh and it looks more like ombre however if you actually fully bleach your whole head once you have regroup you can really see that line[/font][/size][size=2][font=arial, sans-serif]http://supplementbase.com/follicure-hair-regrowth [/font][/size]
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